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Getting Started

Whether it's your first time or your 10th time making a CD, you can't be expected to know it all ... besides  that's why we're here!  AND remember at RDR you can speak to a real person!  So don't be afraid to call  ... 416 445-2500.  (Sometimes we've been known to work week ends!)  So let's get started and remember we'll keep it SIMPLE.


​There are only two parts to any CD, DVD, BLU RAY, or Vinyl project:


#2 The ARTWORK (The cover and CD label.) 

Jackets / Covers
Today it feels as is their are as many CD /DVD jacket styles as there are songs written in the last 5 years! (Well it feels like that from our perspective).

So to keep matters simple we are going to provide you with the 3 most popular styles.

If you don't see what you need ... contact us

TX: 416 451-5079


Phn: 800 557-3723,

Download Cards
Download Cards feature your artwork and a unique code that allows users to download your music.
Hand them out as business cards, or sell them at gigs. People will be able to download your MP3's   so you can sell your music wherever you go!
You decide how much you want to sell the cards .. The price marked back of the card.  Once sold you your fans can download your song.
Simple clean and convenient.
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