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8 Tips To Help With Radio Airplay

We believe it's all in the song.  The combination of great lyrics, a well produced track, and hot vocals will always win over a Music Director's ear.   But remember there's allot more to work on BEFORE you release to radio.


1/ Make sure your social network is up to date. (Face Book, Twitter, You Tube, Instagram and your website.)

2/ If you are playing shows and touring let us know (we'll put it on your bio.)

3/ If you previously had a single at radio tell us (we'll make sure to include those stations).

4/ Have a story ready about the song, about your project and about you.

5/ Have good photos. (People do judge a book by its cover.)

6/ If you are  planning a video release make sure you release it DURING the course of the song ... NOT after.

7/ If you are going to track the record yourself,  have your contact information in place before we drop your single at radio. 

8/ Use our E-Flyer service.  Our great graphics and ability to "refresh" your song will keep you at the top of the DMDS page.    

This is a TEAM effort and we are as only as good as the songs we deliver. So give us a call, drop us a line, or even send us your song and we try and help BEFORE you spend your money!

Our E-Flyer

The purpose of the E-Flyer is to give music directors a visual reminder that you have a song listed in their DMDS library.  

Three E-FLYERS are sent out during your radio campaign and are backed up by the refreshing of your song.

Don't know what refreshing is? Well, ever notice how the email you got on Monday is buried by Friday? I mean sometimes you can't even see it on your screen! The same thing happens to your song in the DMDS system. The songs that arrived on Monday are way down at the bottom of the page by Friday. Why would you ad a song you can't even see! 


By refreshing your song, it's put back to the top of the page again! No more "Outta Sight Outta Mind".

Once sent the music director can receive this visual reminder on any of his / her  portable devices, Phone, iPad, tablet, laptop and the great thing is once they open your E-Flyer they can, if you like, stream your song DIRECTLY from your DMDS file.

We deliver...More!
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