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Video Specs.

Pay Close Attention To The Following

•Max peak audio no greater than -10 dbFS

•Include a 5 second slate

•Include 2 seconds of black before the video starts

•Please include at least 2 frames of black at the end of the video and no more than 1 second

•Closed Captioning is required for all NTSC FINAL deliveries

•Include a blank, safety caption at the start of the video

•Black levels: 0 IRE for HD / 7.5 IRE for SD

•Ensure broadcast safe chroma levels (below 120 IRE)

•NO audio peaks

•NO slate information or graphics on the music video itself

•NO mono audio files or tracks (watch your output settings)

•NO bars & tone

•NO anamorphic videos for (SD)

•NO variable bit rates (VBR)

•NO variable frame rates

•NO lower/bottom field dominance

•NO H.264 masters


Submission/Proxy Upload Specifications

For an initial submission to stations like MTV, VH1, BET, REVOLT, etc. You may optionally submit a lower quality bit rate file via DMDS. *Note that you will be required to follow the specifications for the delivery of the Final Master



Codec: H.264 H.264

Width/Height: 1920x1080 720x486

Video Bit Rate: 10 to 15 Mbits/s 3 to 8 Mbits/s


Final Broadcast NTSC Master Upload Specifications (Closed Captions Required)


Codec: XDCAM HD422 1080i60 CBR

XDCAM HD422 1080p30 CBR





Video Bit Rate: 50 Mbits/s 50 Mbits/s

Frame Rate: 29.97/59.94fps 29.97fps

Dropframe: Yes Yes

Aspect Ratio: 16:9 4:3

Width/Height: 1920x1080 720x486


Chroma: 4:2:2 4:2:2

Interlacing: 1080i (Upper/top field first)

1080p (Progressive) 480i (Upper/top field first)

Audio Type: PCM Audio/SMPTE 302M PCM Audio/SMPTE 302M


Audio Sample Rate: 48kHz 48kHz

Audio Bit Depth: 16, 24 16, 24


Audio Channel Assignments

Channel 1 - Stereo Left

Channel 2 - Stereo Right


Closed Caption Information

Closed Captions (CC) are the text that appear on a video, which contain dialogue and audio cues such as music or sound effects. The purpose of closed captions is to make video accessible to those who are deaf or hard of hearing, for viewers whose native language is not English, and for when the audio cannot be heard due to noise (restaurants, public spaces, etc.) or a need for quiet (libraries, hospitals, etc.).


All final broadcast deliveries MUST be closed captioned.

The FCC requires the majority of English and Spanish programming seen on broadcast TV in the United States to be captioned. The CRTC requires the same for Canadian broadcasts.


Closed Caption Requirements:

SD: CEA-608 (Line 21) or DTV-608 (QuickTime close caption track) required.

HD: CEA-608 or DTV-608 required. CEA-708 and DTV-708 are optional.

Captions need to be the last step in creating/submitting a final master, as you cannot edit a video once captions have been applied or they will be lost

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