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Cardboard Sleeves

With simple yet effective covers like the 5" sleeve

you get the beat of both worlds, a great looking package for an EP and cost savings.




With an attached clear plastic tray this popular packaging gives you a very sleek look, and allows printing on all sides.  The option of including a booklet is possible, making it one of the most in demand styles we offer.  

Jewel Box w/ 2 panel 
The old stand by. A jewel box with a clear tray will allow you to have 6 printed surfaces if you use a 2 panel insert with tray card printed 4+4.
With plenty of room on it's packaging to include your lyrics, credits and song details, you still get all the space you need with no high costs.  

No matter which cover layout you choose, make sure to include this information.


1/ The Tile 

2/ Artist Name

3/ Copyright notice, "All rights reserved"

4/Made in Canada / fabrique au Canada.

5/ Your contact info / soical network info. (Web site, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, ect.)

6/ A catalog  (or release) number.

Optional but helpful: 

Song titles, Times, Compact Disc Logo.

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