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Radio Delivery

We require the following:

1/ A WAV file and it must be 16 bit please.  (24 and 32 bit are not compatible with all radio stations.) 

DO NOT CONVERT an MP3 or MP4 to a WAV.  It will not be broadcast quality.


2/ A Bio ... (Word Document only)

Remember to keep it brief and to the point.  Make sure it's relevant to the song you are releasing. Include your tour / show dates, and any musical highlights you’ve had so far. Don’t forget to mention any support material you may have like a video release, and your social media links. 


3/ Photos 2-3

Make sure they are J pegs

HIGH REZ is better!!!


4/ Songwriters Credits

Publishing info.

Website info.

Copyright info.


MAPL info.

Social Media (Face Book, Twitter, Instagram ect.) 

All our deliveries include:

1/ Weekly reports, (we will send you 6 reports, so you can follow the progress of your song).

2/ Free re-sends to any stations on our list.

3/ Free refreshing of your song, (1x).

4/ A destination report .(Who we delivered to.)*

*Applies only to those not using a tracker. 

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