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Terms and Conditions

All outstanding fees, or invoices, must be paid prior to the releasing of any material to radio.

Owner(s) hereby grants the exclusive rights to RDR Music Group to service the master sound recording embodying the performances of artist(s) listed in Schedule “B”. Owner(s) warrants and represents that it owns the rights to a valid Canadian copyright for the sound recording(s) listed in Schedule ‘B’. Owner grants RDR MUSIC Group the exclusive right and privilege to release to radio, the sound recording listed in Schedule “B” within Canada.


Owner grants the rights to RDR Music Group to use the name likeness and or biography of said artist(s) along with the release of said sound recording.


Owner(s) warrants and declares that all Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) for the entire contents of the sound recording listed above are owned wholly by them.  If the (IPR) is not wholly owned by said owner then you must PROVIDE PROOF OF LICENSING prior to release. Sampling /mixing of additional recordings not owned (REGARDLESS OF TYPE, QUANTITY, AND LENGTH) requires licensing of those original recordings.  Letters of indemnity are not adequate.   Owner(s) who perform “cover tune(s)” (someone else owns the master recording) must obtain a license to include the performance on your sound recording and include proof of the license agreement with your order.  This must be provided prior to release of said sound recording.


Owner declares that all information provided herein is true and that all sound recording(s) indicated as being “licensed” are properly licensed for release to radio under the terms of an effective agreement with the original rights holder(s).


I further declare that I am the intellectual property rights owner for all contents indicated as being “owned” and I authorized its release to radio. I understand that in accordance with the Anti-Piracy Compliance Program procedures and standards of the International Recording Media Association, RDR Music Group has the right refuse any order not strictly complying with the Anti-Piracy Program.


It is the sole responsibility of RDR Music Group to DELIVER music to radio only.


All radio promotions, radio tracking, and or, lobbying of radio is the responsibility of the customer, and not RDR Music Group. RDR Music Group is not liable or responsible for results at radio what so ever. (For best results at radio, we strongly suggest you hire a professional radio promoter).


Radio reports will only be sent out upon request by the customer / or agent hereof. (Four reports maximum.)


Customer indemnifies and holds harmless RDR Music Group against loss, damage, cost, and expenses including attorney’s fees, which RDR may suffer or be charged with by reason of any claim of infringement of copyrights or trademarks or contributions under the Phonographic Trust Agreement or of any claim that said recording is not the property of customer or defames or infringes on the right to privacy of any person, firm, or corporation which may be made against RDR Music Group in connection with production and servicing or broadcasting.


RDR Music Group reserves the right to refuse any order for whatever reasons it deems necessary.


If a project is cancelled while in progress, the client agrees to pay for all services rendered up to that time.


If a second upload, and radio station sends of the same song, (Title and Musical Composition being the same) is done, be it because of a master being edited, re-mixed, re-mastered, re-recorded, or altered in any way, it will be at the customers expense. Not that of RDR Music Group.   


RDR Music Group is not responsible for master tapes, CD-R’s, or for original artwork and or photographs left at RDR. (It is industry practice to have a safety or backup masters, and extra prints). 


Customer must provide for his/ her own insurance coverage, as RDR’s policy does not provide protection for client’s parts in our possession.


All prices are subject to change without notice.


Cash, E-money Transfers, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, are accepted,  (no personal cheques).


RDR Music Group requires all releases to be PAID IN FULL prior to being serviced to radio, THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS.


RDR Music Group reserves the right to refuse any submission which it deems as being not up to "Industry Standards", in its song composition, vocal delivery, musical performance/arrangement, or recording production.


By checking the box below, I do here by agree to all terms and conditions and have read all of the above.

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